Is Line Conditioner better then a Stabilizer?

The Power Line Conditioner – A three-in-one device!

Today’s state-of-the-art AC power conditioning gear would normally take a three-in-one approach to help both protect your sensitive equipment, and equally important, improve the overall performance of your home theater system.

      Basic Power Line Conditioner Functionality includes:

Protection of equipment from voltage surges on both the AC supply and any other connections such as phone line, coax TV inputs, and even LAN connections.

The scope is that anything interconnecting with your equipment would have to go first through the surge protection circuitry within the power line conditioner device.

Removal of noise from the AC line.

Correction of voltage fluctuations and waveform distortions.

While power surges on interconnecting cables and power supply feeds are a major cause for system failures, noisevoltage variations, and waveform distortions, are the main culprits for degradation in the overall system performance.

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