Installation Services

Engineer will perform one or more site visits during equipment installation to inspect progress and provide any comments to client as appropriate concerning general nature of equipment and installation.

Client’s consulting engineer is responsible for any electrical code requirements and any potential issues

Engineer will observe vendor’s startup and review technician’s FSR upon completion.

The commission procedure may be incorporated into the vendor’s startup procedure, but activity will be supervised by Engineer

Either at time of and part of initial startup or as separate procedure following vendor startup, the

Instruct installer to connect load banks of the size as previously decided by client (Load banks to be furnished by installer,Engineer or installer as previously decided).

Follow detailed SOW to insure all power is off at all connection points prior to load bank hookup.

as load is increased to planned maximum.

Perform following tests as detailed in commissioning SOW:

Check all UPS input and output voltage and currents for accuracy with vendor’s calibrated instrument.

With battery fully charged, perform a battery run down test for the designed run time to verify battery performance.

Battery should initially provide run time as purchased at 80% of designed load and will improve performance over time after startup.

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